10 Mistakes People Make on Their First Trip to Bangkok – What to Know

October 4, 2019
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Not everything usually goes according to plan on the first try. Even while traveling, first-time visitors to Thailand are bound to make mistakes. To help you avoid these common mistakes, you must first know the mistakes. Here are the ten most recurring blunders by tourists when they visit Bangkok for the first time:

1. Packing heavy – You will not enjoy the travel if you bring more than what you need. Bring only what’s essential because y ou can still buy travel clothes from the numerous shopping options in Bangkok. You may have fewer clothes, but do not forget to pack enough underwear for the duration of your trip.

2. Great hotel, wrong area – It pays to consider your hotel’s location because the travel from one place to another may consume much of your time. Bangkok is a big and congested city that is known for its massive traffic jams. You can have more fun if you will book a hotel near the popular districts in the city. That way, you cover more places only by walking or traveling a short distance.

3. Underestimating the sun – Thailand i s a tropical country, and the heat from the sun cangetintensefromlatemorningtoearlyafternoon.B ecauseofthis ,youmustnot underestimate its power and use sunscreen if you will be going out during that time frame. You can burn your skin while trying to get a nice tan or look pale going back home.

4. Underestimating Bangkok’s traffic – The streets of Bangkok can turn into a parking lot during rush hour. Leaving early is the best way to counter this, especially if you are trying to catch a flight. Hop on Bangkok’s trains instead of hiring a cab to save more time. Likewise, walk to an area you’d like to visit if it is a short distance.

5. Little time to appreciate the city – It is best if y ou s tay for an extended period in Bangkok and enjoy the leisure activities it can offer. Roam around the shopping areas and find the best places to dine or s avor the nightlife in one of the city’s partying districts. Devote two or three days in the capital before heading to the beaches in the south.

6. Ditching the local SIM card – Roaming charges can get very expensive. It is b etter for you to purchase a Thai SIM card at True Communication outlets in Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi airports so that you can communicate with your family and friends back home for a lesser price.

7. Forgetting the travel insurance – We do not wish that something bad will happen to you during your stay. However, what if an accident occur s ? Be sure to h av e insurance covers for your treatment f ees, if needed . It’s a small cost that makes you feel more secure.

8. Exchanging foreign currency for Baht before the trip – E xchange rates in Bangkok are better than in your home country. Because of this, it’s best to have your money changed while in Bangkok. You can also withdraw money from a multitude of ATMs available in the city. Also, c redit card payment is widely accepted. Bring enough money for the trip to avoid the anxiety of always inspecting your pockets for cash.

9. Little or excessive bargaining – You can always get a better price at Bangkok’s markets if you know how to b argain . Sellers are used to bargaining, so don’t be shy in doing it. You will get more for less if you know how to play the negotiation game. However, you can’t do this in restaurants, convenience stores, and areas where transporting supplies can be a challenge. Aside from the taxes they must pay, consider the effort they made to bring those items in that place.

10. Not trying out Bangkok’s offerings – Don’t confine yourself to malls and western restaurants. Explore more of Thailand’s capital by going to markets and trying food from local restaurants. Make the most of your stay in Bangkok, especially if it will be a long time before you plan your next trip here .

If you are planning for a travel to Bangkok for the first time, you would want to make the most of your trip. Know the ten common mistakes above so that you can avoid them during your stay.
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