3 Activities to Do for Your Couples Vacation in Bangkok

April 5, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

If you’re planning for an upcoming couple’s vacation for you and your significant other, consider visiting Bangkok. For those who’ve been there, they know despite the busyness and craze that the city is known for, it still offers a romantic experience for couples. In other words, Bangkok is an excellent place for you to plan your couple’s vacation, especially if the two of you love action and adventure.

In this article, we will share with you three activities you can do to make the most out of your trip to Bangkok:

1. Enjoy the sunset

While Bangkok itself is not close to the beach, sunsets can still be immensely enjoyed, even in the middle of a city. The Chao Phraya River in the city is surrounded by endless lines of shopping spots, cafes, bars, and restaurants.

What makes the experience here genuinely magical is the sunset. Enjoy your favorite beer while sitting at a cafe by the dock and watching as the setting sun coats everything with an orange glow. It is indeed a remarkable experience that you’d want to experience again.

2. Hike through a forest

The forest we’re talking about here isn’t one like a rainforest. Instead, it is an urban forest known as Metro Forest. Essentially, it is a park that is built like a forest to allow the inhabitants of the bustling city to enjoy a relaxing moment surrounded by beautiful nature. As for you and your loved one, take the chance to do some hiking, and enjoy the company as you explore nature.

3. Explore the Grand Palace

Any visit to Bangkok will not be complete without exploring the stunning Grand Palace, Thailand’s most famous and treasured landmark. As part of a tour, you’ll be brought around the area to marvel at the golden spires, stunning paintings, and everything else about the grand palace and the temple. You’ll also learn of the rich history behind the structures and art, learning how it came to be and what lead up to the creation of the landmark.

Do note that if you do want to come here, you will need to dress appropriately because it is considered as a sacred place for the Thai people. This means that you should wear long pants, shoes, and a shirt that isn’t revealing. When you enter the compound, know that there are some things here that you aren’t allowed to snap a photo of. If you are caught, you will be forced by the guards there to have the pictures deleted, which will prove to be an embarrassing moment that you never want to find yourself in.


There are plenty of adventurous, thrilling, and relaxing activities you can do in Bangkok. From visiting the stunning Grand Palace to exploring the myriad of malls that this bustling city has to offer, there is no shortage of activities that promises fun and excitement to make your couple’s vacation truly memorable.

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