3 Late-Night Activities to do in Bangkok

July 23, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Whether you learned about it from watching The Hangover, or read about it in a travel magazine, you probably know Bangkok as a city whose appeal goes beyond the fact that it’s in a tropical nation.


Bangkok is known is the asian version of New York because it never sleeps. With a few million people roaming around the capital of Thailand every night, it’s easy to see why the nightlife of Bangkok is known all over the world for many reasons, even as authorities are tightening their grip on establishments and those who patronize them.


Packed with bars and clubs that cater to people at all hours of the day, it’s highly unlikely that anyone fighting jet lag or insomnia won’t be able to find something to do in Bangkok, especially since establishments have learned to adapt to the city’s status as a haven for night owls.


Can’t sleep in Bangkok?


While the party scene has been toned down considerably to make things safer for everybody, there are literally hundreds of things to do in Bangkok in the wee hours of the night. However, there are a few select establishments you should definitely try if you find yourself on vacay in Bangkok or if you moved there permanently:


1. Inhibit your night owl tendencies with a much-needed caffeine fix

Contrary to popular belief, the drink of choice for an amazing night out doesn’t always have to be liquor. Coffee is actually a better drink if you’re after a good time that you’ll remember in the morning! Bangkok is littered with coffee shops in different areas, and all of them cater to locals and tourists alike.

If you’re into relaxing with a cup of coffee and a book or movie, you can head to a cozy 24/7 coffee shop around the Chamchuri Square Shopping centre and Sam Yan MRT subway station. However, if you find yourself in need of a place to catch up on some work, you can set up shop in one of the numerous coffee shops around the area. Most, if not all of them, are laptop-friendly and have really fast wifi.

2. Eat ‘til you can’t anymore!

Bangkok is world-renowned for its food. If Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, then it’s safe to assume that it always eats as well, whether it’s early in the morning, the middle of the day, or late at night.

From the staple stir-fries to hearty bowls of soup, you’ll never run out of options, whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or if you have serious dietary restrictions of any kind. However, if you’re a real foodie, then you should definitely head to the Old Town and eat at Jay Fai’s kitchen. Known as the face of Bangkok street food, Fai’s legendary dishes are absolutely to-die for and cannot be missed when traveling to Bangkok.

3. Shop, shop, shop!

Bangkok has a reputation of being a shopaholic’s paradise. There are plenty of night markets packed with bargains and offerings in Bangkok. Majority of Bangkok’s hardcore night markets and retailers are open until 1:00 AM at the very least, catering to tourists and locals who travel in the hopes of finding a good bargain.

Typically, most night markets and retailers are accessible through the MRT subway, but telling a cab or tuk tuk driver to take you to Srinakarin Road or Ratchada (to be dropped off at Talat Rot Fai or Siam Gypsy Junction, respectively) works as well. Should you find yourself looking for a quick drink after a night of shopping, you can find a bar near every shopping location as well.

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