3 Must-Visit Floating Markets in Bangkok – What to Know

February 11, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok will undoubtedly make for a truly enjoyable experience whether you’re going with family and friends or going on a solo trip. From amazing shopping experiences to amazing local delicacies, there is plenty for you to enjoy in the wonderful capital city of Thailand. That said, your trip to Bangkok will not be complete without visiting at least one of the floating markets that occupy many of its rivers.

If you’re in Bangkok and you’re interested in visiting one of the floating markets, here are three must-visit ones you should know about:

1. Taling Chan Floating Market
Unlike the other floating markets, Taling Chan Floating Market is relatively close to Bangkok. You don’t need a tour to visit the place either, making it affordable to visit.

If you do come to this place, you’ll be greeted with amazing Thai dishes, such as Som Tum and the world-famous Pad Thai. You’ll also encounter more exotic food items, such as grilled fish coated in salt and, of all the things that can be put on fish, durian!

You’ll surely be in for an amazing experience here. If you’re a food lover, this is one place that should not be missed! While you’re enjoying all the edible items you find here, you’ll also get to listen to beautiful authentic Thai music performed by local musicians with their Thai instruments.

2. Amphawa Floating Market
From the outfits, art, and other items, Amphawa Floating Market is filled with various handmade items. Here, you’ll find t-shirts that are locally printed, pictures that are painted, wooden objects that are carved, and many more!

You’ll also find plenty of delectable food here, especially due to its fresh yet affordable seafood options that put the market on the map. From prawns to squids, the seafood-lover inside of you will find this place to be a food haven.

After all that eating, don’t forget to enjoy a relaxing time on the river. Look for a boat ride and, for a small fee, enjoy the beautiful views of the riverbank. The boat will also stop by a few temples, allowing you to discover the hidden wonders of the temple.

That said, if you don’t like to wake up early in the morning, Amphawa Floating Market stays open until around 8 pm. This means that you can lie on your bed lazily in the morning while still having plenty of time to explore the market later.

3. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
If you’re looking for the largest floating market you can find in Bangkok, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market should undoubtedly be on your list.

This floating market, filled with history and chaos, has a certain charm to it. Perhaps it is the Thai ladies who smile at you while they arrange their vegetables for sale or the pleasant aroma of the myriad of food items being prepared. Whatever that charm might be, it’ll drag you back for more, promising new experiences as you keep exploring the market.

Wrapping up

There are many magical experiences to be found in Bangkok, especially in the floating markets that dot the area. Between your visits to the stunning malls and amazing street life within the city, don’t forget to take some time off and visit the floating markets mentioned above. Remember, no trip to this beautiful city and country is complete without visiting these markets.

After a tiring day of traveling to various floating markets, treat yourself to a delightful stay at the Boulevard Hotel Bangkok (formerly known as Amari Boulevard Bangkok). You’ll get adequate and comfortable rest as you recharge yourself for the following adventures that are yet to come.