3 Must-Visit Markets in Bangkok for a Local Experience

March 9, 2020
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While many people head down to the southern or northern areas of Thailand to spend their holidays, some decide to stay in Thailand’s capital city––Bangkok. Although some people may frown at the idea, this city actually contains some of the most amazing attractions you can find in the country. While Bangkok doesn’t offer the best sight-seeing experience, what it does offer is an immersive culture that you’ll find more than happy to surround yourself with.

If there is one activity that’ll get you up close and personal with the local culture, that’s to visit the markets. Here are three must-visit markets in Bangkok where you can enjoy a local experience:

1. Chatuchak Market

If you’ve never been to a Bangkok market before, we don’t blame you if you feel like the entire place is just way too chaotic to be fun. However, the more time you spend in the market, the more the chaos makes sense! In fact, without the bustling life these markets have, there would be no reason to come to them.

With thousands of stalls that span over a 30-acre land, there’s plenty for you to discover here. From getting to enjoy some of Thailand’s best street food to purchasing beautiful fabrics and clothing, you can find different excuses to spend your money here. The best part about this is that most of the items you’ll find here are affordable, and you can even haggle a bit to bring the prices even lower.

2. Taling Chan Floating Market

If you want to enjoy a truly unique market experience here in Bangkok, consider heading to one of its many floating markets, such as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, and more. Taling Chan, in particular, is one of those markets and one that we highly recommend that you visit, especially if you do not want to travel too far from the bustling center of Bangkok.

There’s plenty of food for you to try here, from full seafood meals to snacks that you can eat as you walk around the area. After all that walking, your legs will be begging for a massage, won’t they? Fortunately, you can even enjoy a massage here or hire a boat to ride you around the surrounding area if you want to explore more of what the place has to offer.

3. Khlong Toey Pier Market

If you’re looking for the most authentic local experience, then visiting the Khlong Toey Pier Market, which is actually a wet market, will be your best option.

Here, you’ll find plenty of locals all day hunting down and purchasing the freshest produce. You’ll see live chicken and fish ready to be freshly prepared on the spot. If you’re looking for a pet, you’ll find pet fishes to be bought, ready to be taken home and cared for.

Wrapping Up

If you’re an adventurer looking for the best way to experience Thailand’s local culture, their markets are where you should visit. There, you can watch the locals go about their daily routines. The sounds you hear, the fragrance you smell, and the sights you’ll see are what these locals experience every day, and while it might be the norm to them, it will surely get you excited.

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