3 Tips to Help You Plan a Vacation-Like Business Trip

February 3, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

It is often hard to view a business trip like a vacation. After all, you’re traveling to get some work done, not going out to have fun. Of course, having fun is hard to do in the first place if you’re traveling to a foreign place knowing next to nothing about the area. However, business trips do not have to be boring.

Here are three tips to help you plan out a vacation-like business trip:

1. Use a Travel Agent

In most cases, you’ll find yourself hunting down the cheapest plane tickets to get to your destination. You spend countless hours on flight-search websites scrolling through different flights, finding the time that fits you best while still ripping your hair apart, trying to compare prices.

Save yourself the pain and regret when you finally purchase a ticket, only to run into an even better deal. Opt for a travel agent to do this for you instead. With their help, not only are you free from the burden of scrolling through hundreds of results, but those agents have their little tricks up their sleeves to net you a deal that’s way better than you can ever imagine. That sounds like a win-win situation—you get a better deal, and they get paid.

2. Plan Your Activities

When work’s done, you might find yourself a day or two left for yourself. Unfortunately, because you have no idea what to do because you never really did some research on the area, you end up walking in a shopping center. However, it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. There are plenty of day tours you can find, and you can hunt them down on the internet. If you’re interested, you can hit the activity marketplace, a not-so-well-known platform for activities that short-term travelers like you can do in your spare time.

3. Find the Right Accommodation

Ever heard of Airbnb? It stands for air-bed and breakfast and is a marketplace where hosts can rent out unused spaces for travelers. You might be wondering how this applies to you. Well, as we all know, you would love to stay in the place closest to your meeting venue, which, in most cases, is a hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel can cost a fortune.

On the other hand, Airbnb can get you just as close as these hotels do at a fraction of the price. You don’t have to worry about looking for the receipts either, as Airbnb provides a service where you can check your trip history and download the receipt for reimbursement at your company. Just be aware that not all listing might be as it seems, so do plenty of research before booking the place.

Business trips do not have to be boring. They can be full of fun and stress-free if you know what to do. By keeping these tips in mind, you make sure that your next business trip is worth looking forward to. When you do arrive and complete your work, you can loosen your tie and take off your suit, ready for a world of fun right before flying back.

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