3 Tours You Can Take When Visiting Bangkok

November 26, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok is known throughout the world as a capital city of Thailand filled with bustling streets, an unmatched shopping experience, excellent food, vibrant history, and so much more. In other words, it is a city that has everything a tourist could ever want. Even those looking for a peaceful hideout will find that Bangkok has something to offer. This may sound crazy, seeing as the city is known to be full of life.

Are you on the hunt for some social-media-worthy photos? Here are three awesome tours in Bangkok you simply must try:

1. Food Tours

Of all the food tours that you can take on, the one we most recommend is the Chinatown food tour at night! If Chinese delicacies are your favorite thing, this is the tour you absolutely cannot miss. From tasty Dim Sums to sweet steamed buns and warm teas to delicious Chinese desserts, there is just so much you can eat on this tour.

Of course, don’t forget to snap a photo of the dishes. Tell your friends and family what you’ve just eaten, and tell them how much they’re missing out. Since you’re in Chinatown, don’t forget to snap pictures of the landmarks around you, as well.

2. Temple Tours

We can all agree that, whether one is religious or not, temples are remarkable architecture. They are beautifully designed and are just the best thing to add to your social media collection.

Take up the Flexi walking temple tour and head to four different spots. First, you’ll visit the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddhist temple in all of Thailand. Second, you’ll get to go to the Grand Palace, former home to Thailand’s Kings. That is followed by a visit to Wat Pho, considered to be one of the oldest (and largest) temples.

Finally, finish the trip to Wat Arun, situated right next to the Chao Phraya River. All of these places are spectacular and stunning locations, and there is no shortage of pictures you can take here. Bring extra storage, just in case you find your camera running out of space so soon!

3. Market Tours

Take a break off of walking on land, and take a boat ride through the floating markets of Thailand. The floating market tour starts off at Tha Kha’s floating market, filled with locals selling fresh produce. Amphawa floating market is also up after Tha Wa, selling souvenirs you can bring home with you to remind yourself of the unique experience.

Finally, the tour ends at not on another floating market but something a little more different. You’re heading for the railway market! If you imagine a market situated on actual railroad tracks where a train passes through, you’d be right. Don’t worry, the train travels slowly through the market, and all the vendors will make sure everyone and everything is out of the way before the train reaches the area.

Bangkok is a remarkable place in Thailand. There is just so much for you to experience and enjoy and plenty of photos to fill your social media timelines. From their intricate buildings to the friendly locals, to the fantastic food and the excellent overall experience, not only will you be able to take the best photos ever, but you’ll also have one fantastic time doing so.

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