4 Emotions You’ll Feel When Staying at the Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

January 24, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Have you ever traveled to a foreign land and just instantly fell in love with it? It’s a wonderful feeling that’s difficult to describe. However, this wondrous ability that new places have on you aren’t limited to just countries or cities. It can happen even on a small scale, and you’ll find yourself inexplicably drawn to pretty specific destinations.

That’s what happens when you visit us at the Boulevard Hotel in Bangkok. Staying here will make you feel all sorts of warm and tingly sensations. For a better idea, take a look at our list below.

1 – Excitement

Whether it’s your first time to visit Bangkok or you’ve already lost track of how many times you’ve come back, there’s always new thrills to be had in the capital. Boulevard Bangkok puts everything the city has to offer right at your fingertips—thanks to its central location and easy access to commuter lines.

Whether you’re looking to shop for the latest fashion or dine at world-renowned Thai cuisine, you’ll find all sorts of excitement within quick reach when you book with us. If you find it a bit overwhelming and need to gather your bearings, fret not. You can approach any of our capable staff, and they’ll be happy to accommodate and give you everything you need to navigate your way around.

2 – Wonder

Experience modern, world-class amenities at the Boulevard Bangkok and be amazed at beautifully designed outdoor areas and interiors. Upon first catching a glimpse of our hotel, you’ll be greeted by the building’s unique architecture which serves as a striking facade that will surely set the tone for your visit. On the inside, the hotel lobby provides a preview of Thai culture with a combination of rich, jewel tones, and warm ambiance.

You’ll find even more gems as you make your way around the premises. A tropical garden-style swimming pool provides a great opportunity to bask in the sun as you take in views of the city skyline. If fitness is what gets your heart pumping, our fully-equipped fitness center is sure to impress.

3 – Bliss

Experience true Thai hospitality while you enjoy your stay at our hotel. All our rooms are furnished with beds fit for royalty and guaranteed to give you a great night’s sleep. Let our three in-house restaurants cater to your cravings, whether you’re looking for authentic Thai flavors or fancy more international fare. Room service is available around the clock, so any of your needs are just a few buttons away. Also, do schedule an appointment with one of our trained massage therapists, and feel your stress and worries melt away.

4 – Belonging

You’ll be made to feel right at home when you stay with us for your next Bangkok visit. Not only will our staff do whatever they can to make you feel welcome, but the surrounding communities beyond our walls are home to all manner of friendly individuals as well. The city is home to people from all walks of life, and you’ll definitely find your place in the crowd.

On top of that, all the modern-day comforts of home can easily be found not far from our hotel, so you’ll find adjusting to the city to be no problem at all.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list gives you clear expectations of the many joys you’ll find when booking a stay with our hotel. Next time you’re in town, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re looking for a hotel in Bangkok then Boulevard Bangkok, formerly known as Amari Boulevard Bangkok, is the best place to find accommodation when you’re in the city. Get in touch to book your stay!