4 Tips to Help You Make a Hotel Room Feel Like Home

February 24, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

For those who travel for work regularly, chances are you have been to many hotel rooms. Even when you go on vacation, your ultimate goal is to get as far away from home as possible. However, traveling for long periods can also wear you out and make you start to feel a little bit homesick, even if you are in the most stunning and exotic place in the world.

In such times, you might be surprised by how quickly you start to miss home. Whether you are away for work, on the road for long periods, or globe-trotting on holidays, it always adds comfort to your travel knowing that you have a piece of home with you.

Hotel rooms can be great, with all the amenities they offer. Despite that, not even a 5-star hotel room or a villa can quite match the comfort of having your snuggly slippers or the tranquility of your own morning yoga.

In this article, we will give you four tips to help you make your hotel room feel like home and keep homesickness at bay:

Prepare your own pillowcase

While hotel room sheets and linen wares are often clean, crisp, and refreshing, nothing could stop you from missing the comforts of your own bed. Since it’s not practical to bring the whole room set in your carry-on, you can just bring your favorite pillowcase to give you that familiar and peaceful night’s sleep, wherever you are in the world.

Bring along travel candles

When you know you’re traveling, you can drop by at Yankee Candle store or Bath and Body Works to get your favorite travel-sized scented candles. This helps create an ideal ambiance for your hotel room and instantly make you feel at home while taking a bath. You can also pack old tea light candles and your handy essential oils. Know that lavender helps you to relax and sleep, while citrus has an energizing effect.

Pack an aromatherapy diffuser

If you are not into candles, however, you can also pack with you a portable aromatherapy diffuser. This fragrance is closely associated with mood and memory. Most of the time, hotel rooms smell like soap or laundry—clean and safe but not necessarily refreshing and comforting. An aromatherapy diffuser that is loaded with essential oils, such as lemon, lavender, or patchouli, creates a sensory environment that genuinely makes you feel at home.

Have a go-to morning or evening beverage

Let’s face it; even the world’s most decadent hotels have challenges in mastering the art of making a morning beverage. If you don’t like crowded breakfast bars and prefer to have your coffee or pick-me-up tea in your room, you can pack your own brewing equipment or set of beverage for a unique flavor of your choice. Having mini bottles pre-packed on your luggage for a delicious nightcap will come in handy, especially if your hotel doesn’t come with a mini-bar.

Wrapping up

Traveling has its ups and downs, but you don’t need to feel uncomfortable every time you do so. At Boulevard Bangkok, we make you feel at home by offering specialized services that will cater to your needs. Formerly known as Amari Boulevard Bangkok, we are a deluxe 4-star hotel located in the heart of Thailand’s pulsating capital city. Contact us today to book your place!