4 Ways to Spot Great Hotel Service – What to Know

October 22, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

There are quite a few factors that need to be considered when determining whether or not a hotel is top-tier. However, there’s one particular factor that seems to say everything about an establishment: the quality of hotel service.

Often, when you ask somebody about what they love in their favorite hotel, they’ll tell you something related to the service. It could be getting complimentary drinks or even enjoying an in-depth tour of the city courtesy of the manager. There’s always something service-related about every person’s cherished experience in a hotel.

The quality of hotel services can make a difference between a high-class hotel and a memorable hotel that will trump a five-star establishment. If you’re new to Thailand (or any other country), here are a few hotel services you should look for:

1. The boss should always be around

While it might seem like a minor detail in itself, but part of a great hotel service is the presence of a top manager. Whether it may be a general manager or a resident manager, there’s a significant difference between having a top manager that’s on the premises all the time and one that’s cooped up in an office.

A top manager who stays in the lobby to greet guests and oversee staff shows a leader who cares about the experience of their customers.

2. Every staff member’s personality should be on point

The quality of a hotel’s service is dependent on the team that helps run it. Front-desk staff and top-level managers alike should be emotionally intelligent, displaying intuitive people skills, empathy, and genuine interest in their customers. In the hospitality industry, making people feel welcome is crucial.

We at Boulevard Bangkok, formerly known as Amari Boulevard Bangkok, find that nothing is more important than staff members exhibiting an exemplary “hospitality personality.” Staff should show kindness, humor, graciousness, and joie de vivre.

3. Knowing names can go a long way

Another guaranteed way to determine whether a hotel’s service will make your stay memorable is when the staff knows your name and addresses you respectfully. Taking note of names right away shows a personal level of hospitality, dedication, and care.

4. The service is pro-active

Top-rate hotel service, such as that offered by Boulevard Bangkok, must involve proactive care. As a guest, you should feel like you’re in command instead of being dictated. This type of service means that the staff asks you if you need anything and is always courteous.

Great hotel service can make a significant difference between an enjoyable stay and a vow to never return. Every top-rated hotel aims to provide the best experience possible for every guest. By watching out for these four different qualities, you can determine whether or not a hotel is worth coming back to in the future.

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