5 Hotel Booking Secrets to Get the Best Deals in Bangkok

December 23, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider when making travel plans. Especially if you are traveling on a budget, looking for cheap but dependable accommodation will help you save much money, allowing more budget for the other spending expenses, such as food and drinks.

Your choice of stay will normally depend on several factors, such as travel destination, budget, preferences and comfort levels, number of travelers, and interests.

Sometimes, getting that 20% off from a room you didn’t want in the first place is not always the better option than getting a room you really like at a regular rate. One goal of your travel is finding a place that will help you save money and be happy about it.

Here are five amazing tips to get the best deals for your accommodation:


1. Book at business hotels

Though business hotels can be expensive, you are guaranteed of better deals if you know when to book. Business hotels, especially in European hotels, offer great deals on certain periods. The reason for that is because business tends to be slower during the summer season and weekends, which leads to hotels offering cheaper rates to cater to many business travelers.


2. Check-in at the latter part of the day

If you want to get an upgrade at no extra cost, check-in at the end of the day. By then, most hotels have a higher sense of occupancy, and they are more likely to offer upgrades if available.


3. Book within the cancellation period

When it comes to hotel bookings, sometimes waiting at the last minute can guarantee the best deals. Normally, hotel cancellation falls anytime between 24 to 48 hours before the chosen date. At this point, rates generally decrease, allowing you to book a room at a cheaper rate.


4 Sign up for the hotel’s membership and loyalty programs

One great way to get free upgrades and best rates are to sign up for the hotel’s membership and loyalty programs (make sure that you stick to it). Some hotel’s loyalty programs include free Wi-Fi on every trip, access to the VIP lounge, invitations to events, and the best rates guaranteed. Other programs may include free items or free nights with every booking.


5. Sign up for price drop alerts

When you are too busy to keep track of hotel prices, sign up for alerts through different websites. In doing so, you will be notified every time the rates drop.


Bonus Tips:

Bundle your flight and hotel bookings – most hotels have partnerships with airline companies, so booking them together can guarantee the best rates and lots of savings.


Stay more than one night – most hotels offer their best deals when you book for more than one night. Especially during off-peak season, you can get deals like staying for five nights and getting one night free.

Remember, travel is not all about luxury, nor is it about depriving yourself of a comfortable sleep just because you want to save money. If you’re looking to have a blast in Bangkok, you’re going to need to book the best hotel around. Boulevard Bangkok, formerly known as Amari Boulevard Bangkok, is the best place to find accommodation when you’re in the city. Get in touch to book your stay!