7 Great Ways to Explore Bangkok During a Business Trip

December 18, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

You will get some downtime during a business trip because it’s not all meetings and conferences for 24 hours. If you’re lucky to be in a great destination, some downtime is all you need to inject some relaxation into your work-related travels. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your free time amidst attending to critical corporate matters.


1. Visit local eateries

You will still find time to eat even if you are attending a corporate event. Make the most of this opportunity by dining at local restaurants to experience the local cuisine. Try ordering a local favorite for an authentic taste of their flavorful dishes.


2. Go for some physical activity

Ditch the public transportation and roam around the locale by running or walking. Not only do you see the sights near your location, but you also keep your exercise routine outside the hotel gym. You can upgrade the experience by going on day hikes or local trails to see a better view of the city.


3. Visit local tourist attractions

You’re still a tourist, even if conducting business is your main priority. Find the nearest tourist spots in your location and visit them during your downtime. Going to places adjacent to each other helps you make the most of your limited time.


4. Do some shopping

Leave space in your suitcase for items from shopping or do some window shopping if your suitcase is full. Bring an extra bag to place additional items and make sure that your luggage’s total weight is still within the allowed baggage by the airline. Checking storefronts is a great way to see what the area has to offer and discover new businesses or items that you haven’t heard before.


5. Schedule a group tour

Traveling is happier when shared. Invite your coworkers or other attendees to a quick group tour before you return to your respective area. Explore the destination together to know them better and to save on tour costs. Guided tours are great for experiencing the local scene for a limited time, which works well in your available leisure time.


6. Grab a drink

Instead of getting a drink at the hotel bar or making your coffee, visit local bars and coffee houses to meet the nicest people in town. You can also try meeting clients at these unique places while trying a draft beer or an exciting coffee variant. The hotel workers are the best source of recommendations for such sites that allow you to experience the local culture.


7. Extend your stay with the family

If you’re going to a family-friendly destination, you can have your partner and kids accompany you and extend your trip for a few days to explore the tourist attractions. Let them visit other places while you are attending to business-related obligations, and devote your time to them once the conferences and meetings are over.

The perfect place for a business trip

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