7 Must-See Stores to Include in your Bangkok Bucket List

March 23, 2020
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Sukhumvit is a hub of activity. Because it is the longest road in Bangkok, it has a wide selection of establishments. It is home to dozens of bars, clubs, cafes, massage places, and more. You can spend an afternoon walking around the different sois (streets) that branch out from the main road and still have enough to explore the next day. If you are staying in the area, here are a few places that you should include in your Bangkok bucket list.


The mainstream, stereotypical notion of Thailand is that you go there for shopping. There is a good reason for this; the country is well-known for quality retail choices at every price point. Though if you want a break from the fast-fashion options at Chatuchak or Platinum Mall, Sukhumvit’s indie stores are worth your while.

  • Statement
    A collaboration between three young designers, Statement is located in Thonglor and carries chic designs for the fashion-forward shopper. The designer-owners carefully curate their merchandise. Aside from selling their own designs, they also stock their shop with garments from other local and international designers. Their style leans more toward the working woman, and what a career-oriented person might wear in different social situations. Also worth checking them out for the healthy café corner!
  • Again and Again
    Another place in Thonglor, Again and Again, is a source for vintage and second-hand clothes. The pre-loved items are arranged by color, making it easy for you to find things you would like. Though they specifically sell used clothes, the stocks at this store look almost new. This is a good choice if you love diving into racks and spotting hidden gems.


Thai food is rich and complex. It has its own character even as it is influenced by the many cultures with which Thailand had come into contact. With reasonable prices and lovely aromas, you can stuff yourself with the traditional street food near the Thonglor BTS Station. The vendors serve everything from satay to roti to pad thai. If you want more food experiences, though, you can opt for some other places along Sukhumvit.

  • Sunshine Market
    One of the first organic markets in Bangkok, Sunshine Market specializes in gluten-, allergen- and sugar-free consumables. They have foods that are sourced from farms that practice organic methods of harvesting, so you are sure that they are vegan from the production line to the market. Aside from food, they have organic skincare products.
  • Rang Mahal
    This restaurant has been lauded for its Northern Indian cuisine and has been operating for over two decades. Its traditional aesthetic and authentic meals transport you to a different place while eating. Dine on favorites like Tikka Masala and Palak Mattar while enjoying the cityscape through the store’s floor-to-ceiling windows.


When you are looking for a memento to remember your trip by, you don’t want to take home just any old souvenir from the airport. Spend time in one of Sukhumvit’s specialty stores and bring home something special for yourself or your loved ones.

  • A Pick Me Up
    Do you have someone in your life who likes animal prints? Check out this store located in the Terminal 21 mall. A Pick Me Up offers bold, colorful t-shirts with duck prints and slogans. If you’re looking for a duck version of a popular Marvel character or want to gift someone with a shirt with a catchy slogan, this store has products for you.
  • Dasa Book Café
    This is one of Bangkok’s best bookstores, carrying three floors of books in various languages. You can easily get lost in the shelves, browsing the store’s more than 17,000 titles. Find a book here for the literature lover in your life, because Dasa’s up-to-date stocks will definitely have some cool finds for you.
  • Paya
    This is a gift and specialty items store that sells traditional crafts from Northern Thailand. Paya is owned by a husband and wife, who hire artisans to create bespoke items for the home. They have one-of-a-kind textiles, baskets woven with indigenous patterns, throw pillows, ceramics and more. If you are looking for a unique remembrance of your trip, this is the best place to visit.


Sukhumvit offers various experiences for all sorts of travelers. Refrain from just staying on the main road and in a few shops throughout your trip. The side streets and independent sellers have a lot more to offer and will bring you aspects of Bangkok life you did not know existed.

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