A Simple Guide to Help You Plan Your Bangkok Vacation

February 18, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Have you ever been at least once to Bangkok in all your life? Well, if you haven’t, then it is time to start planning your next vacation to this stunning city! From its beautiful temples, unusual shopping complexes, and luxurious accommodation, which is actually much cheaper than in many other countries, there are just so many things to do in the capital city of Thailand.

If you need help planning the best Bangkok vacation, here’s our guide for you:

When to visit Bangkok
If you want to go when most of the action happens, then go during a public holiday there. Holidays such as Songkran or Christmas will get you down and wild, partying the days away. If you’re looking for a more peaceful vacation environment here, then coming weeks before these holidays might be a better idea.

Nevertheless, Bangkok is a great place to visit, no matter what day or month you want to go there. Just make sure to do some research as to what’s going on there or what kind of holiday they’re celebrating. This is because you do not want to be caught with your expensive camera in the middle of Songkran, which is a festival where people toss water at each other.

If you’re looking to come when it is sunny, months between December to March is perfect. If you don’t mind the rain, then you can visit during September and October instead.

Moving around Bangkok
Bangkok is full of cars, bikes, and many other forms of transportation. While you might have no problem finding a ride, you might have a little problem moving in the first place.

The most efficient way to get around this bustling city is by using the available metro and sky train. If you want to add a little excitement to your rides, then looking for a motorbike taxi or a tuk-tuk ride to get around and get your heart pumping. If you do not mind the traffic and like to sit in the comforts of a car away from the hot weather, you’ll find plenty of taxis and even chauffeur services to hire from.

Things to do in Bangkok
Now that you’ve arrived in Bangkok, you might be overwhelmed with figuring out what you can do here. Well, most travelers would love to go shopping because of the cheaper prices.

If you’re looking to go luxury shopping, Bangkok has plenty to offer. Perhaps the most popular place to go and participate in such shopping would be Siam Paragon. There, you’ll find luxury brands from around the world, and even luxury cars such as Porsche and Maserati on display and for sale.

If you want something that’ll seriously tingle your cravings for luxury, hire a helicopter and go sightseeing over Bangkok. Discover all the stunning structures and natural formations, such as the Chao Phraya River, snapping photos to share on your social media, and get your friends and family interested in a vacation to Bangkok as well.

Wrapping up

Bangkok is a bustling city packed with many wonders that are waiting to be discovered. Filled with plenty of tourist attractions and opportunities to connect with the locals, you’ll find that your vacation isn’t long enough here.

If you are convinced to visit Bangkok, treat yourself to a delightful stay at the Boulevard Hotel Bangkok (formerly known as Amari Boulevard Hotel). We hope that your vacation goes smoothly and, most importantly, is extremely enjoyable!