Best Cafes for Specialty Coffee on Sukhumvit, Bangkok

March 15, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

If you are on a coffee hopping spree in efforts to find some great specialty coffee while in Bangkok, look no further! Speckled across the famous Sukhumvit line, you can find some great cozy cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. Getting lost on Sukhumvit is a great way to run into some amazing finds. There are some great places for coffee in the bustling city of Bangkok, so let us be your guide as you continue your search for specialty coffee:


The Invisible Coffee Room

When it comes to coffee shops, you will want to check out the Invisible Coffee Room, which has an espresso blend of four different origins in order to create the perfect cup of their own unique coffee. If you like relaxed, minimal atmospheres and great espresso, this is the place to go!


Hello Strangers Cafe

Another place to check out is Hello Strangers Cafe, which serves specialty coffee beans that are roasted by Chiang Mai’s famous Ristr8to. This is a great, chill atmosphere to work in, so bring your laptop if you are planning to stop by. The coffee is delicious and smells delectable.


Ceresia Coffee Roasters

This bright, minimally-styled coffee shop has an amazing selection of single-origin coffee beans. Watch the roasting process happen right in front of you while you sit and drink your premium cup of specialty coffee.


Sometimes I feel

This rustic cafe will make you feel like you’re frolicking in a forest. This cafe aims to design drinks inspired by the natural flavors of coffee. They have many other things that are not coffee as well, but that’s not why you’re here. This cafe features multiple roasters and a bunch of single origin coffee beans that will rotate every few weeks.



You can find this coffee shop at EMquartier and The Commons, and it’s a hotspot for anyone who loves brunch. There is a large variety of brunch foods and most importantly, specialty coffee. It is conveniently located in a mall that is right next to the BTS, and you will not regret trying out the coffee here, so give it a go if you have the chance!


Cafe Leitz by Pacamara

Pacamara is known for its established specialty coffee shops in Bangkok. The luxurious Cafe Leitz is located in Helix Quartier, which is a building that is a part of the Emquartier mall, which is located conveniently in front of Phrom Pong BTS station. The design and vibe of this cafe give off a higher quality, as it should. There are some great fusion brunches to enjoy as well as delectable desserts. This coffee shop has a wide selection of single origin international beans that have been acclaimed such as Ethiopia Guji, as well as some local beans. Espresso choices will include a house blend, a classic blend, and a single origin.


Casa Lapin x26

This roastery is beautifully decorated and has specialty coffee. Casa Lapin has quite a few roasteries around Bangkok, some double as hostels and a co-working space.


Brave Roasters: Space Oddity

This coffee shop is famous for its signature drinks, which include the Fume de Latte and Mocha. They have tasty craft beers for you to try and are located in a lifestyle mall that has cute boutiques, bars, and restaurants.


Hands and Heart Cafe

This might be the most minimally-designed cafe in Bangkok with it’s bright, white, artistic atmosphere. This is a popular spot for Instagrammers because it is designed so beautifully.


Phil Coffee Company

This one is owned by a Malay family and is an artisan coffee roastery with single origins from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Chiang Rai. This cafe was 1st runner-up for the Thai Coffee Roasting Championship in 2018. Pay a visit if you find the time to taste their magnificent roasts.


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