Where to Find the Best Street Food Spots in Sukhumvit

April 17, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Although the popular street food vendors on Sukhumvit Soi 38 were no longer around, there are still several places that offer great street eats in the area. In Sukhumvit, there are many incredible street food spots that are hidden in plain sight. The trick is knowing where to find them. Here is a compiled list of the best places to go for street foods in Sukhumvit:


1.Thong Sai E-Sarn Thai-Food: Sukhumvit 18, Asok

When it comes to finding Isaan food stalls in Bangkok, the recommendations are endless. That being said, finding one decent street food stall in Sukhumvit now can be a challenge. Inside Asoke’s Sukhumvit 18, you can find two Isaan stalls right next to each other on the left-hand side. Although both of them are great, Thong Sai E-Sarn Thai-Food opens more regularly. The stall gets busier during the night, which is why it is a good idea to go there quite early. While the service may not be the best, the taste of their Isaan dishes such as Somtum Puu Pla Rah, Namtok, Laab, and grilled chicken are definitely worth your while! The price range for this food stall is around 200 to 300 Baht for two to three people.


2.Bamee Slow: Sukhumvit 63, Ekkamai

Located at the entrance of Ekkamai Soi 19, Bamee Slow serves one of the best and cheapest egg noodles in the Sukhumvit area. The simplicity of it all is what makes their egg noodle dishes so satisfying. With their simple egg noodles with grilled red pork, wonton dumplings, and a soft-boiled egg, you will wonder why you don’t have egg noodles more often! Although the queue can be long, their egg noodles are definitely worth your while. Note that Bamee Slow only opens in the evening.


3.Hom Duan: Sukhumvit 63, Ekkamai

For a little taste of Chiang Mai, you can find a place with amazing Khao Soi just a short walk away from BTS Ekkamai. Located between Ekkamai Soi 2 and Soi 4, Hom Duan is no regular street food stall. In fact, the place used to be a coffee shop, where you can enjoy your food in an air-conditioned room. Although many places often serve Khao Soi with coconut-based soup, Hom Duan’s dish is a lighter version, with a deeply flavored broth, tender chicken meat, and a generous amount of crispy fried egg noodles. The restaurant also serves a range of already-made curries that are ready to top over rice or noodles – depending on your preference. Other great dishes from Hom Duan include Gaeng Hunglay with ginger and garlic as well as the delicious Green Curry with soft aubergine.


4.Hoy Tod Chaolay: Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor

Similar to Pad Thai, Hoy Tod omelets are a fatty, oily, and crispy mixture of eggy batter with oysters or mussels. If you are looking for a healthy dish, then you might want to skip this one. The dish is served with heaps of beansprouts, topped with sweet chili sauce. Hoy Tod Chaolay in Thonglor offers both Pad Thai and Hoy Tod, but it is still the omelet dish that people often come for. You can find Hoy Tod Chaolay close in Sukhumvit 55 on the left-hand side. The place opens from morning until late in the evening.


5.Tang Meng Noodle: Sukhumvit 49, Thonglor

Kao Man Gai, or the Thai variation of Hainanese Chicken Rice, may not be at the forefront when it comes to Thai street food scene. However, a simple plate of soft boiled chicken on rice that has been infused with chicken stock should not be overlooked! Tang Meng Noodle can be found at the corner of Sukhumvit 49. Even though the name of the place shines the spotlight on its other signature dish, the Khao Man Gai here is what people actually come for. The place also offers an array of stir-fry dishes such as Pad Krapao and Kuay Tiew Kua Gai, all of which are available upon order. Note that Tang Meng Noddle only opens until lunchtime.


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