Boulevard Hotel Bangkok


Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

4 Emotions You’ll Feel When Staying at the Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

January 24, 2020

Have you ever traveled to a foreign land and just instantly fell in love with it? It’s a wonderful feeling that’s difficult to describe. However, this wondrous ability that new places have on you aren’t limited to just countries or cities. It can happen even on a small scale, and you’ll find yourself inexplicably drawn to pretty specific destinations.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

5 Tips to Make Your Business Trip to Bangkok Successful

January 17, 2020

Sure, business trips are meant for business purposes. You're out there trying to attract more clients, meet with other business people, and get things done for your company. With all the hard work you're doing, you could use all the help and tips you can get to make the trip more enjoyable and relaxing, right? We agree. You're already burdened enough with the task at hand, and you shouldn't face any more problems.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

4 Reasons to Conduct Business Meetings in a Hotel

January 14, 2020

Business meetings are a necessary activity to discuss many things, such as opportunities, routes of expansion, problems faced, and so on. With that said, it is vital to hold these meetings in an environment that will ensure the success of the activity.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

3 Beautiful Must-Visit Buddhist Temples in Bangkok

January 3, 2020

While Bangkok has plenty of things to offer to the tourists that visit the beautiful city, from delectable food to stunning architecture, one of the things that should never be missed is the stunning temples that reside in the capital. Unlike some of the more "laid-back" designs of western houses of worship, Thailand's Buddhist temples go all-out in terms of aesthetics. You’ll be greeted by golden statues surrounded by beautiful murals and mosaics that tell a story of Buddha's teachings.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

5 Hotel Booking Secrets to Get the Best Deals in Bangkok

December 23, 2019

Accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider when making travel plans. Especially if you are traveling on a budget, looking for cheap but dependable accommodation will help you save much money, allowing more budget for the other spending expenses, such as food and drinks.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

7 Great Ways to Explore Bangkok During a Business Trip

December 18, 2019

You will get some downtime during a business trip because it’s not all meetings and conferences for 24 hours. If you’re lucky to be in a great destination, some downtime is all you need to inject some relaxation into your work-related travels.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

3 Tours You Can Take When Visiting Bangkok

November 26, 2019

Bangkok is known throughout the world as a capital city of Thailand filled with bustling streets, an unmatched shopping experience, excellent food, vibrant history, and so much more.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Fun Things To Do in Bangkok On a Solo Trip

November 25, 2019

Amid the traffic jams and busy streets, there’s never a shortage of fun sightings and activities in the electric city that is Bangkok. Just like any other capital city, Bangkok never goes to sleep as there is a hive of excitement at every corner.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Our Guide to Navigating Your Way in Bangkok

November 18, 2019

Bangkok is a vibrant, colorful metropolis with a diverse mix of cultures at every busy corner. With so many people to meet and places to see, it’s no surprise to see the electric city caught up in gridlock traffic from dusk till dawn.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Our Guide to Using Bangkok BTS Skytrain

November 12, 2019

Bangkok is a vibrant, busy city brimming with life and an electric atmosphere at every corner. With so many people and places to see, it can be tough to navigate through the colorful yet congested city.