Boulevard Hotel Bangkok


Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Our Guide to 6 Unusual Sights in Bangkok

November 5, 2019

Tourists often associate Bangkok with tradition and heritage. However, within its shopping malls and hotels are crazy and bizarre attractions that veer away from the city’s appeal.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

What to Consider When Booking a Hotel in Bangkok

October 29, 2019

The process of booking a hotel and weighing your options can be stressful. You can browse for hours on end, only to fail to make a final decision. If this situation is all too familiar, here are some insider tips about finding a hotel in Bangkok or any city in the world.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

4 Ways to Spot Great Hotel Service – What to Know

October 22, 2019

There are quite a few factors that need to be considered when determining whether or not a hotel is top-tier. However, there’s one particular factor that seems to say everything about an establishment: the quality of hotel service.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Our Guide to Partying Like a Local in Bangkok

October 10, 2019

Your first visit to a Thai-style night club can be a daunting experience. Their discos, pubs, or bars offer some out-of-this-world attractions that can either make you crave for more or leave for another place. Despite these peculiar sights and sounds, there are ways to enjoy Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife like a local. Here’s what you should know to fit in and make the most of your leisure time in Bangkok:

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

10 Mistakes People Make on Their First Trip to Bangkok – What to Know

October 4, 2019

Not everything usually goes according to plan on the first try. Even while traveling, first-time visitors to Thailand are bound to make mistakes. To help you avoid these common mistakes, you must first know the mistakes.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Useful Tips to Know When Travelling in Bangkok – Our Guide

September 30, 2019

Bangkok is Thailand’s vibrant, eclectic, and colorful capital. It is a must-visit destination that offers an exciting and rich culture bursting with thrills, tasty cuisine, busy markets, authentic canals, stunning palaces, and beautiful temples. It’s an enigmatic city that strikes a balance between modernity and tradition, making it a city drenched in culture and delights.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Why Sukhumvit is the Best Neighborhood for Expats

September 17, 2019

Sukhumvit Road is one of Thailand’s four major highways and it follows a route from Bangkok and ends in the border shared by Trat and Koh Kong, Cambodia. Not only is it one of the longest roadways in the country but also of the world as it stretches for over 488 kilometers (303 miles).

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

7 Spots for Great Photography Around Sukhumvit Bangkok

September 11, 2019

Many photographers love to travel around to take memorable photos. Whether you're a professional or an amateur photographer, you will want to visit Sukhumvit, Bangkok. This beautiful area is one of the best places to take pictures. Here are seven different spots you can go to for that perfect picture you wanted for so long:

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

A Visitors Guide To Bangkok Go-Go Bar Scene

September 4, 2019

Best known for their bright, colorful, and shiny facades that are composed of neon lights, colorful people, and unforgettable memories, Go-Go Bars have been a staple in Thailand’s nightlife for many years. Although a few Go-Go Bars may be a bit darker and more menacing than the majority, the appeal of experiencing Thai’s famous nightlife is undeniable to some extent.

Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

3 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Accommodation is Crucial

August 28, 2019

Imagine going out for a trip to experience local culture and its people. It sounds like much fun. Now imagine you're done and headed back to your accommodation. At your place, there is absolutely no sign of anything local. You sit there, wishing you stayed outside a little longer. You'd be surprised to know why accommodation is the most critical aspect of a trip.