Our Guide to Partying Like a Local in Bangkok

October 10, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Your first visit to a Thai-style night club can be a daunting experience. Their discos, pubs, or bars offer some out-of-this-world attractions that can either make you crave for more or leave for another place. Despite these peculiar sights and sounds, there are ways to enjoy Bangkok’s vibrant nightlife like a local.

Here’s what you should know to fit in and make the most of your leisure time in Bangkok:


No designated dance floor

Local nightclubs don’t have space for people to dance in front of the band or the sound booth. Instead, Thai clubs have tall tables scattered over the place to allow groups to place their drinks while dancing within their circle. Despite the lack of a proper dance floor, the locals can keep the energy flowing with every beat and round of alcoholic beverages. Groups get acquainted with each other as the night progresses while the drinks continue to flow.


Dress to impress

Thailand’s tropical weather prompts tourists to pack nothing but flip flops, shorts, and T-shirts for their trip. While this outfit is appropriate on the beaches of Southern Thailand, it won’t be accepted at nightclubs, especially those in the city. You will likely be allowed to enter, but you will feel out of place because everyone dresses up for the night.


Buy drinks by the bottle

You may think that buying drinks by the bottle is a way to call attention to yourself and show off your wealth. However, this is common in Thailand nightclubs because drinks by the bottle are more cost-friendly. Besides, having an entire bottle in your table means that you’ll only need some mixers and loads of ice to keep the party going without stopping by the bar too frequently.

If you want to drink like a local, go for a bottle of 100 Piper, which will cost less than 1000 baht. Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff are also popular options, setting you back at about 1,500 baht. You can even take the drink to your hotel room if you can’t finish it at the club. However, even though you are there to party, drink responsibly so that you can stay alert against people who may try to con you.


Prepare your ears for some Thai music

Listening to foreign language hits can only be entertaining for so long. That’s why some local clubs blaze Thai techno music in between bands. They also throw in covers of foreign songs to surprise the crowd or play pure dance music for the crowd to enjoy.


Speak like the locals

You can connect better with the locals if you can also speak their language. If there’s one expression that is appropriate in a nightclub, it’s “Chon Keaw,” which means “cheers” in Thai. Saying this phrase will immediately start a conversation between you and the accommodating guests. Meanwhile, “mod keaw” means that it’s time to down your drink! If you meet a friendly local group, they may even teach you more Thai words.


Finding the best table

Transferring from one table to another will merit odd stares from those around you. It’s best to come early and choose a table where you will stay for the rest of the night. If you give the waiter a nice tip, they will place you at a more central spot which makes it easier for you to mingle with other people.


Higher entrance fees

Some Bangkok nightclubs allow locals to enter for free. However, foreigners are often asked to pay a payment fee for their entrance. Don’t be too surprised—you should receive a drink token that you can use to buy one or two drinks.

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