Thailand Travel Guide Reasons to Explore Bangkok

April 14, 2020
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Bangkok is both fascinating and intoxicating—brimming with culture, thrilling adventures, noise, and sights. There’s a reason people flock to this metropolis from all over the world, but as with any destination, it has a fair share of probable frustrations and disappointments. You will be tempted to just skip Bangkok and fly off to the island paradises right away, but the truth is, you’ll be missing out on a lot. There’s so much to do and experience in the Thai capital, and here are some reasons you should stop and explore the city, even just for a little while:

1 – Immerse in Thai street food

Places such as the Patpong Night Market or Damnoen Saduak Floating Market are the best spots to go for street food, as they offer a variety of flavors and tastes. Five different flavors are usually the norm for Thai food, where spicy, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter meet to form one explosion of unforgettable cuisine. If you’re new to Thai food, opt for Thai rice noodles, meat skewers, and papaya salad. For sweet tooths, try to get your hands on every Thai dessert you see!

2 – Explore Bangkok’s little gems

Many travelers skip Bangkok, but staying a night or two here before retreating to the beaches will be well worth it. There are sights to see only known to Bangkok, such as the floating markets. On either side of the river, boats are stocked with fruits and vegetables, local food, and the sweetest concoctions of coconut juice. The only way to explore these is through hopping on one of the boats yourself! Visit the Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, and Klong Lat Mayom for the ultimate experiences!

3 – Witness Thai history

Bangkok Grand Palace was built in 1782, once home to the Thai King, his royal court, and the administrative seat of the government. As a world-renowned landmark, you’ll experience architecture grandeur like no other, and the ancient designs will send you to an adrenaline-induced experience of culture. Walk through Buddhist sculptures and temples, such as the Emerald Buddha built in the 14th century, for the perfect historical adventure!

4 – Relax through Thai massage

Known for their massage techniques, a trip to Bangkok will not be complete without experiencing relaxation like no other. After a long flight, non-stop walking, and temple visits, a Thai massage will set you in a good mood for your beach trip. Massage sessions generally cost ฿250 or $7.60 per hour, and massage parlors can be found all over Bangkok.

Don’t Skip Bangkok

Bangkok is perhaps the most developed and largest city in Southeast Asia, years ahead compared to the majority of cities scattered around the country. A trip to the paradise of Phuket may impede you from exploring the bustle of Bangkok, but it’s a gem on its own—it’s highly encouraged to visit and see the charm of the city for yourself.

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