The Best Art Galleries in Bangkok

July 31, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

Need the motivation to draw your next piece? Do you want to experience something new and exciting? A visit to an art gallery might be the thing for you. Bangkok is filled with talented minds, artistic and creative.


Several creative spaces have been opening up left and right, allowing these people to express their emotions through art.


Though these mediums are where artists from the past and today can display their accomplishments, everyone else can now feast their eyes on elegant masterpieces.


Modernized galleries not only display art pieces but even entertain your tastebuds. Bangkok’s newest art galleries are the perfect excuse to pick up some coffee while enjoying creativity.


Below is a list of four favorite galleries among others, ranging from massive public galleries to small, privately run museums.


Bangkok Art & Culture Centre


Also known as BACC, it is a public hub for creative minds to gather around and share their pieces. There are several floors and exhibitions, all containing pieces of artwork from both well-known and new artists, plenty for anyone to enjoy.


The center area contains cafes and shops, giving you access to drinks and other purchasable items. In the basement, there is an extensive art library. Just across the MBK Center shopping mall, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre provides the visitor with an ambiance of relaxation, perfect for small groups of friends to visit and have a few laughs together.


Kathmandu Photo Gallery


Kathmandu Photo Gallery, a privately owned establishment, houses photographs taken during the travels of the founder, also displaying works from other photographers, local and international. However, the location is not built solely as a gallery.


Book and souvenir shops, weekend yoga classes, and many smaller establishments and activities are held here. The cozy, open atmosphere attracts other artists and expats, especially when new exhibitions are launched. This gallery can be found close to Wat Kaek, a Hindu temple.


Museum of Contemporary Art


Thailand’s most extensive collection of art in one place, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), is a world-class museum. The structure itself is a testament to the masterpieces held inside. The gallery showcases work done by Thailand’s distinguished artists, and artworks here are fully expressive, some even showcasing controversial issues within the country. If you’re an art enthusiast, visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art should be on top of your bucket list. To get there, one must travel a little farther from Bangkok, but the journey is nothing compared to the adventure that awaits the visitor.


National Gallery


Thailand’s National Gallery, which has initially been Thailand’s Royal Mint, exhibits an extensive collection of world-famous artists that dates back even until the 17th century. Within this comprehensive collection are paintings of the Thai royal family. The National Gallery doesn’t only hold pieces from history but also displays an extensive selection of more modern, contemporary work.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an art aficionado or someone who wants to take a glimpse at the past. Anyone and everyone should visit art museums and appreciate masterpieces that have risen throughout history and are continuing to do so.


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