The Best Ways to Get Cheap Accommodation

June 10, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

When you are traveling, it’s important that you have a safe, comfortable place to return to at night. You will need to consider your budget and your requirements as you search for a place of accommodation as well. If you will be traveling on a strict budget, it’s always important to save where you can. However, we all know that the majority of your funds will be going towards accommodation and food. The best way to save money during any type of trip is to lower your cost of accommodation. Here are some ways that you can look for a place to stay that won’t put a big dent in your travel budget:


Go online

One of the upsides of the internet is the ability to look for any information you might need in a quick search. You should do some research and compare prices online. Check out multiple places and websites in order to compare and contrast the pricing of each place. This way, you can prioritize what you want out of your accommodation while getting an idea of approximately what you might need to spend for it. Going online will also give you the ability to see ratings and what past customers might have thought about their services and rooms.


Book ahead of time

Hotel prices will vary and, just like flight tickets, the earlier you book, the cheaper your booking will be. Booking last minute will not only cost you more but will also be a huge inconvenience since you might not be able to get the room you want. Booking early will give you a look at all your choices and get accommodation out of the way in your travel plans since it is something that you will surely need. Do keep in mind that during peak season, you may be asked to put down a deposit as well. If you book earlier but decide to cancel later, there may or may not be a cancellation fee, therefore, you will need to keep that in mind as well.


Try to travel during the low season

If you aren’t traveling for a specific event or holiday, then you should have the freedom to take advantage of low season prices. Hotels will usually lower their prices during this time, sometimes to even half the price. Another perk is that you will be getting more personal attention from the staff, seeing as the place will be quieter than normal. You can also enjoy the opportunity to choose a room from a variety of options; premium rooms might even be available at standard prices.


Keep an eye out for discounts

You should always be on the lookout for discounts and deals. This is how you can get the best prices! Sometimes hotels will offer discounted rooms if you are subscribed to their forum or website. You might also want to ask if there are any discounts for buying rooms in bulk or getting multiple rooms to stay in. This can bring you many savings, especially if the rooms usually cost a lot and you will need multiple ones.


Snag late cancellations

Some hotels might list late cancellations on their website, which might allow you to swoop in and take them. These rooms will usually be offered at a reduced price.


If you’re looking make the most out of your trip, you need to find the right accommodation.

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