Thing to Do Near Asoke BTS

May 16, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

One of them is Asok station. This station is in the heart of Bangkok and is surrounded by no shortage of exciting places. You will see both Thais and foreigners walking around everywhere. The area is full of life and activities to enjoy. If you happen to stop by, here are a few things that you can do near Asok BTS station:

Visit Benchakitti park

Asok is a bustling area with plenty of people walking on the sidewalk and cars on the street. From the BTS, the majority of what you see will be grey. In the middle of the concrete jungle, however, there is still a green space where you can escape from the air and noise pollution.

Benchakitti park is an incredible place for you to take a step back from the chaos that is Bangkok. Many people choose to come here in the evening to jog. Not a runner? You can stroll along the path enjoying the trees and flowers.

There is a massive pond in the center of the park as well. Take a seat near the water and enjoy a picnic with your loved one. If you want to visit this park, take Exit 4 at Asok station. Simply follow the sign that points to Benchakitti park.

Shop at Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is a large shopping center connected to Asok BTS station. Once you step out of the station, there will be a direct walkway that takes you inside the mall. Terminal 21 has been an iconic spot for tourists and Thai people in the Asok area for quite a few years. Each floor has its own theme – the restrooms included!

Each level is inspired by a popular city around the world. There is no other mall that is designed based on this unique concept. It is a great spot to hang out, shop, or even find something to eat.

Eat at Korea Town

After being in Thailand for a while, perhaps you are bored with the local food. Luckily, Bangkok is full of various cultures including Korean. Near the Asok area, there is an area called Korea Town. It is full of authentic Korean restaurants just waiting for you to pay them a visit. Keep in mind that this area can be extremely busy during peak hours.

If you want to avoid the crowd, we suggest you go before 6 in the evening. Some restaurants may be packed all day. You can visit other shops while you are waiting for a table around the restaurant. There are many small stores that sell things imported from Korea. Despite the warm weather, you will feel as if you are not in Bangkok at all!

Play pool at Hustlers Bangkok

If you want to have a night out with friends without going to the club, Hustlers Bangkok is the perfect place. You can reserve a pool table just for your group of friends. This place is located at Time Square Building in Asok. We guarantee that you will enjoy the night with your friends at Hustlers. Even if you go there alone, you can still enjoy playing a game or two of pool with the staff.

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