When to Tip Your Hotel Staff

May 29, 2019
Boulevard Hotel Bangkok

When you’re at a hotel, you want to be as comfortable as possible. A good way to ensure your comfort is by tipping the hotel staff. When they are happy, they will be more willing to take care of your needs. That said, it’s not always possible to shower people with money. Therefore, you need to know the right time to tip the hotel staff to make sure that they are always motivated to work.


With that said, here are the best times to tip the staff of your hotel:


Check-In Staff


When you first enter the hotel and after you check in, bellboys, receptionists, and other members of the staff will serve you. This is usually the best time to tip them. When they receive tips on the job, they will be motivated to do a better job for you. They may even give you some exclusive services here and there because of your tips. Additionally, the first time you see them is a great way to show them that you’re a generous guest. If you do, they will always want to be involved in everything you want to do.


You don’t have to tip them that much, as you can give the bellboys two or three dollars per bag lifted once all your luggage is in the room.


Room Service, Maids, and Maintenance


During your stay, you may have to call room service and maintenance a couple of times, which makes it a great time to tip them. You can give them around 12 to 15 percent of the overall charges, as that’s actually quite high for a tip. If you really like the service of a particular employee, you can tip them extra and say that it’s just for them. This will ensure that they will take extra care of you whenever you call them, as they will almost always be the one answering your calls.


Another group of employees you need to tip are the maids. If you do, you will ensure that your room gets extra care. Furthermore, tipping the maids reduces the chance of your things being tampered with. When you tip people, they will feel a certain obligation to treat you better, so you can think of it as a preventative measure against theft and vandalism. But take note, if something is broken before you come in and the service staff has to come in and fix it, you’re not obligated to pay them anything, as you weren’t the one who broke it.


At the Hotel Bar, Restaurant, or Spa


Most hotels will have additional amenities such as spas, bars, restaurants, and pool services. These features will come with a team that will be looking after you while you’re taking advantage of these amenities. If you like their services, you can tip them to make sure they keep up the good work. For example, if you’re at the spa and you like the masseur, you can tip them so that they will want to do an even better job the next time you’re there.


If you walk into the restaurant and you’re greeted by a professional receptionist and everything runs smoothly, you can tip them as well. Sometimes, this will even prompt them to offer you a free drink or additional services if the staff are feeling gracious and if they have time to do so. This usually won’t happen when the hotel is packed, as they won’t have the time. However, if the hotel is a bit quiet, you have a good chance of getting a certain degree of special treatment.


All in all, tipping is a great way to build a great relationship with the hotel staff, so you shouldn’t be too stingy about it.


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