Why Sukhumvit is the Best Neighborhood for Expats

September 17, 2019
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Sukhumvit Road is one of Thailand’s four major highways and it follows a route from Bangkok and ends in the border shared by Trat and Koh Kong, Cambodia. Not only is it one of the longest roadways in the country but also of the world as it stretches for over 488 kilometers (303 miles).

It may not have the typical tourist attractions that the kingdom is known for, Sukhumvit and its adjoining streets are the go-to places for shopping, dining, and nightlife. No wonder tourists and expatriates always come back for more.

A food lover’s paradise

Some of the best restaurants in Thailand are located between the Thonglor and On Nut stretch along Sukhumvit. Nuvola Caffe Milanese is a must-try restaurant that serves Italian dishes with delectable twists. Located within Thonglor, the stylish interior is just as enticing as its delicacies. Their Uovo Benedetti Alla Bottarga is a must-try. This dish is composed of gooey egg benedicts with a touch of sweetness from cured mullet roes. Their mushroom risotto is also highly recommended by those who have dined in this quaint location.

Meanwhile, head to El Tapeo to satisfy your Spanish cuisine cravings. Be sure to try their open sandwiches, tapas, and paellas. Their Smoked Duck Salad is also the stuff of legends while the Tuna Ratatouille is muy delicioso. After a sumptuous meal, take a sip of draught Spanish beer or choose from their vast selection of Spanish wines.

Looking for Southern Thailand treats? Then Khua Kling + Pak Sod is the place to be. Savor the greens and minced meat in their palate-rousing Kua Kling as well as the fish, curry, and coconut combinations of their Gaeng Luang. Other notable restaurants in Sukhumvit are Bo.Lan and Freebird which serves Australian dishes.

Places to spend time with the family

Sukhumvit has attractions that every member of the family will enjoy. Flight Experience Bangkok in Gateway Ekkamai is a place that the young ones -and the young at heart- will enjoy. Fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot by pulling an inverted landing without the scary altitude. While this location is often used by film producers for their flight scenes, they offer affordable packages for all ages.

Meanwhile, those who want to play the role of marksman will have a grand time at the Lazgam laser tag arena at the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit. Lead your squad to victory by shooting at your opponents without physically hurting them. Finally, Funarium is a large indoor playground that is perfect for birthday parties. They also have some staff that will attend to your child if ever they get injured.

Help save planet earth

Aside from glitzy shopping malls, Sukhumvit is also home to organic shops like Patom Cafe. This store in Sukhumvit Soi 49/6 sells zero-waste products such as massage oils, soap, shampoo, and fresh produce wrapped in banana leaves.

You can also find more related products at the Farmer Market in K Village every second Sunday of the month. There are similar Farmer’s Markets within the Ekkamai district every other Saturday.

Areas of relaxation

If you want to escape from the pollution in Bangkok, you can visit Benchasiri Park in Soi 22 and 24. Aside from the greenery that litters the place, it also promotes good health with its swimming pool, skating rink, and basketball court. It is the perfect spot to conduct your morning jogging and an ideal location for your children to interact with fishes and turtles. Dog lovers will also enjoy the Dog Park at Sukhumvit Soi 49 while bikers will love Benjakitti Park.

There are limitless options for relaxation and recreation in Sukhumvit Road. If you are thinking of relocating to Thailand or have been assigned by your company to monitor your business in this Southeast Asian nation, Sukhumvit Road is the place to be.

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